I'm a Software Engineer and a Master's candidate in Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania: School of Engineering and Applied Science. I solve business and production problems using C#, C++, and Python. The majority of my deliveries involve Machine Learning/Deep learning solutions.

Currently, I'm working on a Computer Vision project for automating manufacturing item inspection. The project is built using C++ OpenCV API and Machine Learning modeling. I'm also taking an AI course this semester and learning Functional Programming with Scala in my free time.

I'm a huge OSS proponent and a have contributed to several projects. I also own and maintain two projects: Linux terminal program vizex and a crash_ (UNIX shell for learning implemented using Rust). And I love Rust!

The vizex visually displays disk usage, directory data, directory tree within a terminal. It's like a combination of popular Linux commands du, df, ls but on steroids.

This is my personal logger where I write about topics I learned and problems I solved. Sometimes I even get Philosophical and try to see computers from metaphysical perspective.

I love everything Sci-fi and consider myself a Lego enthusiast. My interests and career goals are aligned with Software Engineering. I'm passionate about better understanding computers and using this knowledge to solve real-world problems.